Super Specific Normal Happenings

I’m not having a stroke, the title of this blog post will make sense soon enough.

In October I’m doing a guest piece for Normal Happenings as part of their  “Games that Define us” collaborative piece in November.  It’s a fantastic idea where myself and many other bloggers each write a piece about the game that has influenced them the most – “THE game” if you will.  It’s not a review, it’s a personal story about the game and how it’s affected you.  It’s a fantastic idea and I’m really stoked to be a part of it.  I’ll be writing about 1985’s The Bard’s Tale, and you’ll be able to read it soon enough!  Big thanks to Normal Happenings for having me on board.

Now, one of the things they tend to do at Normal Happenings is ask people to write a blog post answering some “super specific questions”.  Being nominated is called being nominated for a “super specific liebster award”.  It’s just like a normal award except the prize is more work 😉

I don’t normally do these sorts of things because I’d rather keep this blog solely video-game-centric.  Otherwise I’ll start waffling on about Hamlet, local politics and how I like cinnamon.  But considering all the work being put in to the collaborative project, this really seems like the least I can do.  And besides, it’ll be fun!

So with that, here’s are the 10 questions and to answers to my nomination for the Super Specific Liebster Award.

  1. Ask your best friend/significant other to make an annoying animal sound. How did they react, and what animal did they imitate?

    She stopped dead still, smiled her fixed, miscevious smile and went “ee-aw ee-aw ee-aw”.

    She was always one for going along with the weirdness.

    Personally I find his whining more annoying than his braying.

  2. *POOF* I am your barista. Order your favorite coffee shop beverage exactly as you would in real life.

    Erm, this is the dullest exchange in my whole day.

    <plonk reusable coffee cup on the counter>
    <Wait in silence.  Get coffee.  Leave.>

    I don’t even say my name, it’s written on the cup.

  3. Do numbers have personalities in your mind? If so, tell me about the personality of the number 6. What’s it’s story? What kind of disposition does it have?

    Number 6 is an unhappy little number.  And, like so many of us, his story is one of weight gain.

    It seems so long ago now that it was a trim and taut Number 1.  But what began as a “blip” at 2 turned into a “bump” at 3 until, there was no denying it, he had turned into a full 6; it is all he can do to look sadly down at his curved stomach and contemplate his status as “full-figured”.

    Still, he has his friends.  Numbers 4 and 5 live nearby, and they often come over for sessions of Mario Kart and laughs about what they did when they were young and trim.

    From time to time, 6 looks through his window and sees his other neighbour, number 7 – so defined and sharp, and feels a little sad with himself.  But then 5 comes over with some bottles of home-brew, and after a few laughs he looks out the window again at number 7, sitting alone with a bean-salad.  Then, just for that moment, he thinks “maybe I’m not so unhappy after all.”

    Any autobiographical elements to this story are unintentional.

  4. What is your favorite movie title? Not your favorite movie, just the title, irrespective of the quality of the film.

    Snakes on a plane.  I’ve never even seen it, because with a title like that, who needs to?

  5. Story time! Your best friend suddenly finds themselves in the body of your least favorite animal. Craft a story of five sentences or less with this unfortunate predicament as a central plot mechanic.

    One morning, when Gregor Samsa woke from troubled dreams, he found himself transformed in his bed into a horrible vermin. He lay on his armour-like back, and if he lifted his head a little he could see his brown belly, slightly domed and divided by arches into stiff sections. The bedding was hardly able to cover it and seemed ready to slide off any moment. His many legs, pitifully thin compared with the size of the rest of him, waved about helplessly as he looked.

    “What’s happened to me?” he thought.


  6. Tell me. Do Buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo?

    No, but ducks duck ducks.

  7. Tell us about the most boring game show you could ever imagine.

    I don’t have to imagine – 80s Australian game shows were spectacularly straight laced.  They tended to have the same three steps:

    1.  Intelligent people are brought on stage.
    2.  Intelligent people are asked intelligent questions, to which they give intelligent answers.
    3.  Audience loses consciousness.


  8. Useless Superpower Bedbug: The Return!
    Which of the following useless superpowers would choose and why?
    – The ability to randomly add cat meows to every song on the radio
    – The ability to randomly add the Pizza Planet truck from Toy Story to even the most intense of any movie scene
    – The ability to randomly add Owen Wilson saying “WOW” to any line of dialog in a video game

    I choose the power of shooting anyone who has any of the above powers.

  9. What is the hexadecimal color code for your favorite color?



    I think?  I’m a little sketchy on what a hexadecimal colour code IS.


  10. On a scale of one to 15,742.58, how do you feel about these super specific questions?

    I choose…6.

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