“Sunshine Blogger Award” (Disclaimer: not a real award)


Being comparatively new to the realm of blogging, I am somewhat surprised at the number of awards that are available.  I am even more surprised at the number of “awards”, which are only “awards” in the same sense that there are “single girls in your area”.

Whatever, they’re stil fun.

I was nominated for this “award” (read: “chain letter”) by one Alex Sigworth, whose Blog I recommend.  Mr Sigworth is a thinker who little tolerence for fools, two qualities I either admire or enjoy, I can’t decide which.

So on to these answer!  Questions written by Mr Sigworth, answers written by my desire for attention:

Q1. How do you hope you’ll change as a gamer in future?

I hope I’ll play some more recent games.  I love my retro games but I am becoming more and more disconnected from games as a current medium.


Q2. What game kept you up at night?

The good ones.  Right now it’s Bard’s Tale III, but otherwise this blog pretty much chronicles my recent gaming history.  I stayed up playing Civ III and Armada 2525; the Bard’s Tale IV Beta also claimed some of my sleeping hours.


Q3. Which solution to a video game level are you most proud of having devised?

Some of the death snares in Bard’s Tale II were pretty good.  I wish I’d chronicled that game like I chronicled Wizardry 8.  It was a much better game than Wizardry 8 for a start.

Q4. Have you ever pirated a game?

Of course I’ve bloody pirated a game, I grew up in the days when un-pirated software was the exception, not the norm.  Of our games on the Apple II about 95% were copied.

I haven’t done it for years becasue (a) it’s a lot harder, and I couldn’t be bothered; and (b) new games are a lot cheaper.  Yeah you heard me.

Don’t give me your “but Lootboxes!'” crap, despite inflation being a constant, games haven’t increased in price for decades.  In fact the price had dropped courtesy of digital distribution – my annual PS Plus subcription is the same price as 1 new game back in the 90s, and it gives me 36 games.  And that’s before we get to GOG and Steam – At this second, i could buy three games off GOG for under $15, and it’s a quiet day.


Q5. Have you ever lied about playing a game in order to impress someone?

Probably.  Or more likely, stayed quiet so that they assumed I’d played it when I hadn’t.  Not for a very long time though.

Q6. What game do you regret not playing?

Everything on the Wii and Wii-U.  Those were two systems I really wanted to pick the eyes out of, and never got around to it.

Nintendo’s region locking is to blame.  I was a Nintenboy from the NES through to the Gamecube.  Then in ’07 I went to Tokyo and, freed from the dreaded Australia Tax, I rushed out to buy a new console.  The PS3 was the only console that wasn’t region locked so I bought it – and I’ve been a Sony man ever since.

07. How does gaming give your life meaning?

It doesn’t.

Look I enjoy gaming but to be blunt if it gave my life meaning thst would make me a very shallow and selfish person.  That’s inflammatory so I’ll explain it in detail:

  • I interpret “gives your life meaning” as being a thing that makes you feel like your life has purpose.
  • Gaming is ultimately solitary; even multiplayer games.  Becoming the best Counterstrike player, or beating the entire Ultima series, achieves nothing.  Now good games might make you think about things, or develop important skills, orbond with other people playing them.  But these are side-effects.  Gaming arms me to better achieve other goals, but gaming is not a goal in and of itself.
  • Therefore, if gaming gave my life purpose,  it would be a selfish purpose.  Because my purpose is to do a thing that affects no-one but me.
  • For the same reason, it’s a shallow purpose.  The mere fact that you have played (or completed) a game really means nothing to anyone, including yourself.
  • In making this argument, it’s important to distinguish between the act of gaming simplicter and by-products of gaming.  I have made great friendships from gaming; but it wasn’t the gaming that ultimately mattered, but the friendships created around it.  So it wouldn’t be correct to say that the gaming gave my life meaning; rather, the relationships with other people gave my life meaning.  Gaming was merely the catalyst.

I also like Shakespeare.  But it doesn’t “give my life purpose”, it makes me better at what my purpose actually is.

william-shakespeare-julius-caesar-cd-unabridged-audio-book-1096-pThis is my favourite play of all time.  It does not “give my life meaning”.

Q8. In what way do you think other gamers would be most critical of you?

I’m very forgiving of crappy graphics.  I spend so much time playing old-skool stuff that I’m unikely to notice if the “moisture glisten” is a touch too glisten-y.

Q9. Have you ever regretted investing so much time in a particular game?

Yes, yes, lord yes.

I’m ashamed to admit it but I devloted probably 100 hours to “Spider Man Unlimited”, an endless-runner iPhone game.  My completionist tendancies are too easily exploited.

Oh and probably Wizardry 8 and Fallout 3.  I enjoyed both games but they did not deserve the hours I poured into them.


Don’t play this game.

Q10. Has any game ever made you feel anxious?

Of course!

The original Castle Wolfenstein terrified me, as did Missle Command once I realised that it was (a) about an entirely possible sequence of events; and (b) impossible to win.


This really disturbed me once I understood what it meant

Q11. Which genre of game do you wish you were better at playing?

First-person shooters.  In the same way I wish I were better at boxing, because some misguided and depressingly juvenile part of my brain things it would make me a “better man”.



8 thoughts on ““Sunshine Blogger Award” (Disclaimer: not a real award)

  1. You should pick up a Wii U at some point before they become collector-bait. You know how collectors like their “failed” systems. The advantage of the Wii U is, of course, that you can play all the Wii games on it, too, so best of both worlds. And there are some fantastic games on both platforms well worth your time, even now.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. The games are actually holding their value for the moment, but I anticipate a bit of a drop over the next year or two before everyone goes “…hang on a minute”. Not sure about pricing on the systems themselves, but regardless, they’re a good addition to your collection.

        There’s apparently even a hack you can do to get Gamecube games running on them without hardware modifications — though you have to run them from disc images rather than using the drive itself. If you can get that working you have three generations of Nintendo goodness in one console!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. no no no, don’t be ridiculous, videogames are a waste of everyone’s time and money, I’d rather be outside playing football and grunting at trees or something


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