Bard’s Tale III: Thief of Fate

And with that, one childhood dream completed - I have finished the entire original Bard's Tale Trilogy!  What an achievement!  What a pinnacle of Retrogaming!  What a testament to human endurance! And now that I have finished all 3 of the original games, would I recommend this quest, this undertaking, this odyssey of RPGs to …

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Bloodnet – Part 2 (completed)

Last time I talked about how BloodNet is a combination of the clever, the inefficient, the effective and the ridiculous.  I talked about how it fit the first three descriptions, now it's time to turn to... The ridiculous - combat Last time I talked in glowing terms about BloodNet's adventure game elements, particularly its world …

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Galactic Keep – a word from the creator, Rob Lemon!

Mr Lemon of Gilded Skull Games wrote to me!  He had this to say about the making of Galactic Keep: When I was 8 or 9 I'd play 'solo' adventures based on mythological stories where I'd make up rules for 'boardgames' with cut-out paper warriors and creatures and hand-drawn dungeons that you'd roll dice to …

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