Wizardry 8 – final thoughts (Completed)

So Wizardry 8.  You're done. I played Wizardry 8 for approx 200 hours over 6 months.  That's an average of 8.3 hours per week.  Sometimes I think my estimate must be off - but even if it was 150 hours, that's still a very long time.  By comparison the average Skyrim player spends 75 hours on the …

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Dungeon Rushers (Completed)

Mi-Clos Studios have got me for two from two so far (Out There and Out There Chronicles) so I thought I'd try out their third game, Dungeon Rushers, this time created in conjunction with Goblinz Studio. This time, Mi-Clos Studios answer the age-old question:  "What would Darkest Dungeon be like if you removed the permadeath …

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